Aluminium grid type vacuum chuck – BASIC

Aluminium grid type vacuum chuck for machining of metals, plastics, wood.

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Use :

Aluminium vacuum chuck with high clamping force for working of metals, plastics, wood … Milling of breakthroughs is only possible under certain conditions (use of PVC mat).

Features :

  • Solid pure cast aluminium.
  • Grid : 12.5 x 12.5 mm
  • M6 threated bushings on top plate for additional mechanical clamping.
  • Retractable stop collars on two sides.
  • Flatness and parallélism : +/-0.01/100 mm
  • Circumferential clamping base.
  • Supplied with vacuum manifold, 1 set rubber cord, 1 PVC adapter mat.


  • To see our video showing machining with a vacuum grid chuck, please click : here


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