Plateau électro-permanent EPMAX 50 dimensions 490 x 360 x 55 mm

Electropermanent magnetic chuck with 50 x 50 mm square poles EP50-PSP

Electro permanent 50 x 50 mm square pole magnetic chuck for milling of medium size workpieces.

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Use :

Electro permanent magnetic chuck for heavy milling of medium size workpieces.

Features :

  • Square pole size  50 x 50 mm
  • Magnetic force higher than 350 kg per pole.
  • Minimum mechanical deformation thanks to solid one-piece housing.
  • Distortion-free clamping with auto-shim pole extensions, without stray magnetic fields and no magnetization of the tool.
  • Workpiece larger than the table size are machinable.
  • Elecro permanent technology with no deformation owing to the rise of temperature (Failsafe Electro-permanent technology – maintains hold even if power is cut).
  • Supplied with special electronic control box (400 Vac input voltage) with control panel on front panel and connecting cables.
  • Special promotional edition available in 3 dimensions.



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