Pneumatically switchable rectangular permanent magnet MRP

Pneumatic magnet for flat and round loads

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Use :

Clamping or lifting of ferrous material with failsafe operation : these magnets do not change their magnetic states in case of loss of compressed air. They can be used in various applications : lifters, robot grippers, production automation …

Features :

  • Corrosion resistance steel housing.
  • Can lift  flat and round loads.
  • Powerfull Neodymium magnet.
  • Low residual magnetism.
  • Short mag/demag cycle  < 1 sec.
  • Air pressure fonctional range : 5 to 8 bars with water separation, particle filter ≤ 5 μm, air lubrication.
  • Quick hose connectors dia 3 mm
  • Threated holes on 3 faces of the magnets.

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